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IPO Archive at the Freedom Tower during ArtBasel/Miami Beach 2007

In conjunction with Miami Contemporary Artists: Creating a Scene, curated by Gean Moreno, the IPO Archive is on view. IPO, the ground-breaking company that's forging a new art economics for the 21st Century, has staged some memorable events in Miami, its world headquarters. Among them, IPO Launch at Scope Fair 2004, Bored Room at Miami Light Project, 2005, and Satellite Office at 801 Projects, 2006.

IPO Franchise at University of South Florida

Marketing Director Michelle Weinberg introduced Interdisciplinary Pollinating Overlap™ to art students of Elisabeth Condon and Neil Bender at University of South Florida in Tampa. After participating in the collaborators' speed dating event, students formed their own collaborative IPO franchises, and installed their works in the gallery. Check out how it all looked.

<a href=$ellout%20Festival.html>The Brick Theater</a>

IPO - Flipping Unreal Estate

see what .New York has to say...

A Performance featuring Michael Yawney, April Henry, Ursula Cataan, Heath Kelts, Allison Rich and Octavio Campos. Set - Michelle Weinberg, Video - Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez

Shows at The Brick Theater in Williamsburg, New York, as part of the $ellout Festival on June 30, July 1 & 2, 2006.
IPO The Bored Room

IPO: The Bored Room

Part of HERE & NOW: 2005
Presented by Miami Light Project and Carnival Center for the Performing Arts
March 17-19 & 21, 2005
The Light Box, 3000 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 100
Miami, Florida, USA

Imagine a world where artists create work following modern business protocol: contracts come alive, body parts equal ad space, meeting memorandums and faxes become merchandise and are auctioned off to the highest bidder. IPO offers the spectator a look at the creative and administrative forces shaping the arts in the 21st century, engaging the public in a conversation which combines art, business, movement and visual/time-based media. This is the world of IPO—Initial Public Offering, Intellectual Property Ownership or Insane Performance Opportunity?

Read the review in the Miami New Times by Octavio Roca.

Small Stage, Big Ideas

IPO - The Scan Artist

Scan Artist is a time based performance installation where spectators turn into spectactors inadvertently becoming part of the IPO product. Dr. O , IPO spokemans, steals the identities of his consumers through a detailed and interactive interview process. These interviews are documented and digitally processed via video tape and scanner culminating by a powerful cathartic moment the annihilation of a photo copy machine. IPO The Scan Artist is a component of IPO - The Insane Performance Opportunity which offers the spectator an eccentric and profound look at the creative and administrative forces shaping the arts in the 21st century. IPO engages the public in a conversation which interfaces the vocabulary of art with business, and movement with visual/ time-based media.

Peformance: Octavio Campos

Performance Length: 2 hours

1st performance: October 1, 2005

IPO: Interdisciplinary Polinating Overlap - Artist Speed Dating Event

Inaugural Artist Speed Dating Event

Presented by Camposition
Camposition Studio@801 Projects -
Edificio Jose Marti
Little Havana, FL
September 2006

30 Artist collaborators and arts presenters participated in IPO’s Interdisciplinary Pollinating Overlap™ and had 10 minutes speed dates to be able to freely trade intellectual property within a protected zone.

By matching collaborators one on one, Interdisciplinary Pollinating Overlap™ facilitates cross-fertilization and fusion among artists in all imaginable media.

IPO: Franchise - dancetheater repertory and performance workshop

Florida Dance Festival
June 22 - July 1, 2005
New World School of the Arts
25 NE 2nd Street. 8th Floor
Miami, Florida, USA

The first IPO: Franchise was convened at Florida Dance Festival to test the viability of the IPO model of inter-disciplinary collaboration. Dr. O put Junior Executive trainees through a corporate effectiveness training program using techniques such as instant compositions, spontaneous interviews and associative dance-theater technique. IPO: Franchise was open to visual artists, writers, filmmakers, dancers and practitioners of all disciplines.

New Associates and IPO Sales Force
Marjorie Burnett, Carla Marie Rivera, Luis Alberto Cuavas, Marie Strifeldt, Loni Johnson, Rudy Uano, Yvonne Gougelet, Sara Kett, Spring Davis and Rosie Herrera
Franchise kids

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