Bored Room Minutes
Dr. O

IPO Best Practices delivered by Dr. O

A pickle jar.

Full of so many possibilities

I go into myself and see the actual moment
The moment that it hit me, when I became an Artist
It was overwhelming
I knew that at that precise moment I would never be a free person again
I feel it sometimes like a cancer growing inside of me
So many expectations of this form

I always thought it would beautiful
“everything is beautiful at the ballet”
(except for the drugs)
“but everything thing is beautiful…”

I always expected these little births
These little deaths
Be or not to be
That is the question
Profit or non-for-profit
That is the plague

There it is again
Don’t want to know it
Don’t want to lose any sleep over it
Don’t wanna be stuck without it

The infamous
The outrageously destructive


Picture this… Times Square…

I mean without us
(breath out to panting)
No no, I mean really without us
(breath out to panting)

There would be nothing
Nothing at all

Inflation, Integration, Acceleration
Getting faster, younger, stronger, smarter, clearer
Telling the truth exposing the lie extracting the *bleep*
Leave your agendas outside
The only agenda here is on the table

Inflation of the pause

1. Always take at least 24 hours before saying yes
2. Always think about saying NO
3. Return to Park Place and do not collect $200
4. Always think of who you’re making art for
5. Always remember that the only way to learn about business is by losing money
6. Always bring extra pickle jars….Always
7. Never forget to not trust anyone with something that is really not there
8. Always tell the truth
9. People don’t give money to things, people give money to people
10. Make sure your perm is tight
11. Always ask yourself why
12. Never deny the passion
13. Always ask your perm why
14. Always take away, never add
15. Never run away, run towards it
16. Always have a process
17. Never expect anything if you don’t have a contract
18. Purchase bonds…tax bonds
19. Create recklessly
20. Pursue the goal
21. Present the case
22. Rely on the dance
23. American Express yourself…Dammit!

There would be no Times Square, there would be no homes
No shelter, no shanty houses, no flat, no subdivision, no projects, no trailers, no ranches, no bungalows, no converted carriage house,
no big fat pillows to rest your heads on

No support
No support
No support

24. Take care of your middle voice, once it’s blown out you’ll never have it again
25. Avoid symmetry
26. Avoid fours …it is the hardest number to choreograph
27. Go to Brooklyn at least once a year

IPO – The Incessant Poetic Opera
uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long;
the ceaseless thunder of surf;
in constant pain;
night and day we live with the incessant noise of this city;
the never-ending search for happiness;
the perpetual struggle to maintain standards in our democracy.

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