Some Market Research Questionnaire Responses

IPO's research and development continues apace with candid input from consumers of IPO products.

A random sample of their uncensored comments is excerpted below:

Responding to Question 14, "Describe your investments in cultural products during the past year":

The biggest investment I have made in cultural products in the past year has been in myself. I have greatly contributed to the maintenance of myself. I have invested greatly in body wash, conditioner and deoderant, as well as books, leotards and journals for the betterment of somatic self. I have also dated a black person.

I give back to my artistic community as much as possible by going to shows and exhibits almost every weekend.

In response to Question 15, "Do critics influence your cultural investment decisions?":

Critics do not influence the product of my work but they do influence the way I sell my work.

If I particularly respect a critc's point of view, or a review indicates that the work relates to my interests, i may be more likely to "invest" in a manifestation of cultural production--either by buying a product (like a record, CD, etc.) or by taking the time to go see a show, hunt down images of an artist's work online, or checking a book out of the library.

In response to "If an artist becomes repetitive, does it reinforce their brand or depreciate their originality?":

What is truly engaging as an audience member is risk. There is a difference between developing a formula for "successful" work and developing a formula for artistic exploration that works for you. When the journey is honest it shows.

It depends on the intention of the artist and the way the repetition is executed. This tactic is sometimes successful, but often boring.

Please define "sold out". I think this is an unfair question. What does it mean to sell out. Is that not a subjective question?

Our sample questionnaire participants identify themselves as:

cuban artist spectator spectacle philosopher loner activist writer soprano scientist performer lover dancer fighter sister daughter Investor philosopher publisher lawyer designer writer groupie artist organizer educator cook wannabe dancer recent waitress stubborn idealist


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