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(iambic pentameter obliterated)

Innocence passes on
Initially parents object
Internal passion onfire
Idealistic pre-pubescence, offbeat.
Ignoring parochial objections,
inviting platonic obsessions,

I persist outwardly
I persevere on
Inside, pathos overwhelms
Illicit photos obscured
Inklings (of) panic overflow
Inflating paranormal observations

I plant outside
Ill-conceived plans – Oh!
Incited by: polymorphous, ongoing,
Intermittent, pornographic, outrageous,
Incestuous paeans. Oh no!

Ick! Pheh! Oink!
Invisible phantasm overhead!

Into (a) passing omnibus.

Instead (of) passing (up) opportunity,
Instead of placating owner/operators,
Instead of pooh-poohing originality,
I invent, patent, orchestrate.
It portends overt,
Increased, prolific opuses.
Idyllic, protean operations

It’s partly outré.
It’s patently omniscient.
It’s part-time Odyssey.

It pales opposite
INNER PEACE, obviously.
It’s a path, okay?
If people operate
In perfect order,
If photographs open
Inner pictures. OPEN!
If populations organize
In patterns, over (& over),
I propose (an) overhaul.
I provide options.
Incontrovertible proof. Ooh!

Irreconcilable, polar opposites
Instantly perceive OHM.
Individuals participate open-heartedly.
Invite people over
In perpetuity – Ohmigosh!
Individuals plan open-mindedly.
Is (it) possible? Only
In phantasmagoria? Only
In picturebooks, or
Impossible phases of
Inter-planetary orbit?

In parsing obituaries,
Indescribable passages, on/off,
I peruse obscure
Investigations. Private ontologies.
Incessant poems of
Intellectual perambulations. Only
Images permanently operate.
IMAGE POWER, overall,
Is permanent. Oh (yeah).
Incandescent panoramas, obstinate
Invasions, penetrate, overload
(the) internal processing of…

I’ll proceed. Okay?

Independent? Paired? Overkill?
Is partnering ominous?
Is partnering optimal?
Inappropriate? Pretentious? Ourselves?

Incredibly, people organize.
Interpreting pictures, opinions.
It’s, perhaps, okay.

Is (a) practical option.
Imperfect, pero operable.
If parties, organizations,
Industry, political offices,
Insurgents, pariahs, oppressors,
Insurance (agents), paralegals, occultists…

I put (this) overview
In perspective. (Overdue).

I put only:
Ineffable predictions, objectives,
Instincts, polyrhythms, offerings,
Instructions, palettes, opera,
Inhalations, portraits, oraciones,

In place of:
Interruptions, paranoia, objections,
Insincere pontifications, obfuscation,
Incredulous pessimism. Ouch.

I’m precocious. Obviously.

I’m pining, opening.
I’m pinned over (& over)
In palimpsests of
Interrogatory palaver. Only
In pursuit of
Interior palaces of
Impossible plenty, of
Irresistible pleasures, of
Inner purity. (Okay,
Isn’t purity overmuch?)

Imperfection (is) preferable. Open
Input, professional (or) otherwise,
Improves production overall.
Improvising performances, offering
Incentives, painting, overcoming
Inhibitions, posing, optimizing
Initial products, overtures,
Installations, parlaying outmoded
Instances, protocols (and) outlines,
Into patented oddities.

Inspired philosophies. Of (course)!

I’m practically off,
Instigating, plumbing oceandepths,
Installing preferences, opposing
Imbecilic pedantry, ordinary
Incompetence, paralysis, obnoxious
Interference, palliatives, orthodoxies,
Impostors, protestors, obligatory,
Insipid pieties, ossification.

If (my) persona offends,
I proffer only -
I promise - over (and over) -
Imbibe, please. Oblige (me).

Infertile pods open.
Impotent penises orgasm.
Insects, plants, organisms.
Indigo, persimmon, ochre,
Iridescent, periwinkle, onyx,
India Ink, puce, opal,
Ivory, pink, orange.
Infernal palpitations (of) orifices,
Itches, pockmarks, orchids,
Invertebrates, paramecia, organelles,
Infinitesimal, powerful, orgiastic
Intimating paroxysms of
idealized paradise. Oz.

Index (this) page online.
Internet packaging oratory.
Interstate, portable opus.
Interstellar plane open!

Impossible (to) predict outcomes.
Inklings point (to) ovations.
If, paradoxically, opprobrium
Infects: periods of
Instability, pyramids of
Illusion, preludes overshoot
Initial positive optimism,
I’ll prescribe our
Incalculable potency. Or
I’ll prepare our
Instruments, perspectives, outlooks,
Insights, (and) parameters. Often
It’s possible. Once,
Ingesting psychedelic opiates,
Inaccessible portions of
Inspiration peel off.

Inscribing prolific odes
Involving pantheons of
Iconoclasts, poets, organ-grinders:
Iphigenia, Persephone, Ogoun.
Icarus, Pisces, Orion.
Iago, Prospero, Othello.
Inca, Puebla, Oglala.
Ingrid, Pamela, Olivia.
Ian, Pascal, Oscar.
Izrina, Padme, Obi-Wan

Immersion (in) places oneiric:
India, Perugia, Oman.
Ithaca, Panama, Omaha.
Italia, Parigi, Odessa.
Infer, Paradis, Oblivion.
Immodium, Pepto-Bismol, Orajel.

Isoceles, parallelogram, oval,
Iota, point, orb.
Illusions, physics, optics.
Insert. Pour. Overflow.
Interest, payment, option.

Inequity, parity – oxymoronic.

Incompetent Presidents opine
Inane policies. Onset (of)
International pandemonium over
Imagined pockets (of) oil.
Insufficient platoons overtaxed.
Idiots parrot overused
ideologies, persecution of
Infidels pure overkill,
Inflammatory proclamations openly
Invalidate patriotic observances.
Ignoring precautions, outing
Ignorant preachers. Obscenities.

Insecure. Paralyzed. Orphaned.
Inconsequential. Pusillanimous. Ostracized.
Isolated. Pathetic. Outcast.

Injury. Pain. Operation.
Incurable. Pills. OVER.

Investment Prices Overheat!
Inventory, payables owed.
Impecunious (or) profligate: overdrawn.

Instead (of) perjuring oneself
It’s preferable owning (up to)
Imitation. Porque others’
Intellectual property (is) overrated.
Instead, partake of
Innovations people originate.
Invent. Pass On.
If personalities outlive
Inventions, patents, ozone,
It’s probably okay.

Illiterate panhandlers (are) oracles.

Inspiration. Prominence. Obscurity.
It’s painfully obvious
Irony presages obsolescence.

© M. Weinberg

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