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Prescription: Ipodoximillion

From the Director of Marketing

I'd like to congratulate the IPO principals and associates on the successful launch of IPO in December 2004 and the wildly productive Bored Room meeting held at Miami Light Project in March 2005. We pledge our commitment to building a continuing relationship with our investors and shareholders.

Welcome to! The site is very user-friendly and provides more information on the background of principals and associates, and is a simple way to familiarize yourselves with IPO's complete line of products and services.

During the IPO launch, we focused our efforts on intimate branding of the public – by directly tattooing consumers. If you haven’t yet received a tattoo, or you're anxious to get a hold of one of our IPO logo t-shirts, please check back soon. Our online boutique will be up shortly. In the meantime, for all inquiries, please contact me directly at

During IPO's launch, a detailed market research survey was conducted. Over 300 individuals responded to a very detailed questionnaire, and you might be interested to know that:
1. Overwhelmingly, it appears that you, the spectator, can distinguish unconvincing postures in art.
2. That 75% of those polled did not rely on the advice of critics when investing in a cultural product.
3. 64% of those polled were comfortable with the concept of process as product and vice versa.
4. And only 35% believed that repetition of an artistic style depreciated an artist’s originality.

Based on this data and much more, we are able to forecast the following trends:
1. As mercury goes retrograde, missed appointments and general inertia will seem to stall great ideas before they even get off the drawing board.
2. Technology will no longer be the stumbling block of creative workers.
3. Lost time can be regained,
4. and artists will indeed go underground, as Marcel Duchamp famously predicted, but only because it is cooler.
5. Projects will be funded generously, in alphabetic order.

Please log onto and take our online market research questionnaire for yourself. Your input counts at IPO.

During Bored Room, we presented the fruits of Luxe, Calme et Volupté, an IPO project which dramatically highlights the unique combination of uninhibited sensuality and aesthetic collaboration we’re known for. The limited edition photos produced by corporate photographer Luis Olazábal were inspired by a memorable meeting of the officers and are available in the online gallery.

Bored Room attendees were offered an exclusive, pre-FDA approval drug trial. Developed by IPO's research and development division,IPODOXIMILLION is a revolutionary mood-enhancing pharmaceutical product currently available online only. IPODOXIMILLION works with your own body chemistry to produce an instantaneous release of any creative blockages you may suffer from in the course of a normal work day. IPO's research laboratory reports that its innovative, patented chemistry delivers precisely calibrated time-released drops of serum inspiration. Some effects experienced by participants during early trials are:
- the sincere comprehension that beauty is truth, and truth beauty.
- the instant and permanent recovery of your inner artistic child,
- a burning sensation, an urgency to join a new art movement.

And remember, no deleterious side effects have been reported – it’s a virtual product! Your purchase of the IPO PROSPECTUS includes a secure login and password to download a trial dosage. The IPO PROSPECTUS is available in an edition of ten for the introductory price of $100. Your passionate testimonials are an essential component of our marketing strategy. We're thrilled that you will make IPO products and culture part of your busy lives.

Michelle Weinberg
Director of Marketing

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