About IPO

Choreographer/ director Octavio Campos, film/video artist Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez and visual artist Michelle Weinberg present IPO a multi-disciplinary work. IPO examines how the intuitive, fluid nature of the artistic process is both disrupted and energized by the insertion of banal economic facts. By fusing movement, scenic design, sound, video and animation, Campos, Rodriguez and Weinberg create an experimental forum in time and space on the status of the artistic process and product today. IPO advances a coherent theory of art economics by adhering to a corporate structure. The action and visual elements of IPO transgress the boundaries of the proscenium as well as the usual discourse of artmaking itself, progressing according to the distinct phases of launching a business venture. The role of the presenter is acknowledged as a dynamic force and participant, acting as producer, curator and CEO. The tangible components of IPO include movement, spoken word, sound, video/ film, set decor, and a web element.

IPO offers the spectator an eccentric and profound look at the creative and administrative forces shaping the arts in the 21st century. IPO engages the public in a conversation which interfaces the vocabulary of art with business, and movement with visual/ time-based media.

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IPO: Statement of Corporate Purpose

In response to urgent economic need, in the absence of any model IPO’s mission is to replace the tired cliché of the starving artist with a thriving, functional structure of artistic entrepreneurship based on cross-fertilization in the arts, performance, and new media. To that end, IPO’s agenda is to create a product line of usable prototypes for artists and collaborative teams, to set new trends in creative practice, and to champion the prerogative of artists to invent their own structures which facilitate access to the maximum resources without unreasonable sacrifice or compromise of artistic vision. IPO’s research and development efforts, unique training programs and franchise opportunities are pledged to expand the interdisciplinary genre and give it greater accessibility in the community.